Variant Analyses : Interrogations of New Media Art and Culture (INC Press)
(free download)
- A compilation of many of my writings on art and politics from 1995-2012. Includes static versions of Grasping at Bits and Dataflow.

Beeswax and Crazy Glue - a book of poetry (self-published, )
This rare edition was based on the work of Baudelaire, and is a personal confession in a series of 49 pieces of 7 lines and 7 verses (7x7x7x7)

Anthologies/Curatorial Chapters

new media = new participatory collection (Piotr Cielinski, ed.)
Histories of Disappearance (Polish)

Analyzing Art, Culture, and Design in the Digital Age (Gianluca Miura, ed.)
On Virtual Fluxus (out 2015)

Oxford Handbook of Virtuality - The Translation of Art in Virtual Worlds
My analysis of the gestures inherent in virtual art and how they interact with the physical world.

New Media in the White Cube and Beyond Curatorial Models for Digital Art

Christiane Paul (Editor)
Two Chapters on Independent Curation and the (re)distributions show.

Composition 2 - Tom Burtonwood (Artist's Book)
Codes and Permutations - Critical Article

Michael Takeo Magruder (Artist's Book)
Deconstruction to Hybridity - Critical Article

Visual Worlds (Stimson & Tamiris-Becker, eds) U of California Press
Manufacturing Dissent - as Max Kauffman of RTMark/The Yes Men